How It Works

Choose the Field Trip you want to take.

There are no age limits.

Order the kits you want through your school.

Explorer Field Trips is a Materials/Product vendor with most schools.

Wait for your school to place the order.

Your school will immediately receive the kit email once they place the order and will forward it to you.

Plan your trip.

Each kit comes with Kit Materials Vault access and order number details. Kits are good for one year. When you’re ready to plan your trip, fill out the trip planning form linked to in your kit email.

Start a project and go on your trip!

Do one or all of the projects, or create your own, and submit them for publishing on the Master Explorers page.

Have a blast!

Go again!

There are many kits to choose from.

And you can purchase the same kit over and over and always have a new experience!