Custom Kits

Please read these rules and instructions for building your very own Custom Kit:

–Research where you would like to go. Make sure it is somewhere your children can learn in a safe and appropriate manner. Not all schools will approve custom kits or certain locations, so checking with them first can be helpful.

–Determine the cost for visiting your desired location, including any taxes or fees the location charges. Also, be sure to note the website where we can purchase the tickets.

–Tickets must be able to be purchased online and must not require ID upon arrival at the location. You’ll want to check with your desired location prior to filling out the custom kit form.

–Lodging, transportation (except explicitly educational train rides), annual/season passes to theme parks, and food cannot be included. I’m not able to facilitate group trips or locations which only cater to group trips.

–I’m no longer able to do custom kits for performances, theater shows, ski trips, or sports games due to ticketing policies for these venues at this time.

If you’ve read the rules above, you’re ready to submit your Custom Kit request!

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    My List - Locations I would like my child(ren) to visit INCLUDING their costs and any taxes or fees charged by the location. Each item should be on a separate line. Include the total amount needed or the number of students and adults, AND the website of the location(s).

    Waiver and Responsibility Notification - I understand that Explorer Field Trips does not guarantee that any school will approve a kit simply because it was submitted to the school. I agree to accept full responsibility for my trip, and to hold Explorer Field Trips and My School as listed on this form, and all associated staff and personnel, harmless in the case of any accident or event which occurs at the designated field trip location or in transit to or from the designated field trip location.

    Purchasing Custom Kits (For Ordering Use Only)

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    This is for purchasing of Custom Kits (or kits with partial payments) only. 

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