Frequently Asked Questions

Are tickets sent electronically?

In most cases, yes. Some of the locations require physical tickets be mailed, and for this reason I ask that you always give me at least 2 weeks lead time before your preferred trip date, though most of the time I will get you your tickets much quicker via email.

What is your return policy?

As long as you haven’t planned your trip and your kit order is less than 2 weeks old, we can issue a full refund. If your kit is over 2 weeks old, we can issue a full store credit which can be used on other approved field trips if your school allows this, or we can cancel and refund the order minus a $25 cancellation fee per kit. Kits are service reservations and have no cash value. Once tickets are purchased there can be no refunds.

How long does it take to get the kits?

This depends largely on the processing time of the individual schools. Once your school orders online they will automatically and immediately receive a confirmation kit email to forward to you which contains all of the instructions you need to plan your trip. Once you plan your trip, tickets are usually emailed or mailed within another 1-2 business days, with the exception of some locations which require more time.

What’s included in the cost of your kits?

There is a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes to create and support these field trips. Ticket purchasing fees from the locations, taxes and/or shipping, merchant processing fees, Master Explorers hosting, purchase order processing and invoice management, reservation planning, trip organizing, change/cancellation fees, and one year of kit insurance for unexpected ticket price increases are all included in the kit price. I check location prices and offers multiple times throughout the year, and will always lower prices whenever I can. Providing the best field trips and excellent customer service are super important to me, and every penny of the kit cost goes to that end. Thank you!

What if my kit expires?

Kits expire one year after the date they were purchased. Once expired, kits no longer have their price guarantee. In most cases, they can still be used for up to another three years (for schools with whom we have have active vendor status), but you will need to pay any cost difference due to ticket price increases. Just fill out a trip planning form when you’re ready and I can send you details about your specific kit. It is best to use your kits relatively soon after their purchase date to avoid any unforeseen events preventing you from taking your trip.