Santa Barbara Zoo


Santa Barbara, CA

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Kit Includes

  • Access to our entire Kit Materials Vault, with fun facts, multi-disciplinary project starts, worksheets, and a teaching manual
  • Reserved space on our Master Explorers page
  • Student entrance (Teacher Kit includes student and teacher entrance, Family Membership Kit includes basic family annual membership – see location’s website for details)
  • Ticket/reservation insurance and educational planning support

Travel Guide

The Santa Barbara Zoo is home to 146 species of mammals, reptiles, birds and insects. More than 500 animals are exhibited in open, naturalistic habitats. Take a leisurely stroll through all of their exhibits and learn about all of the amazing animals they care for. 

Parking is free, and outside food is allowed. They also have places to purchase food on-site if you prefer. The Santa Barbara Zoo has a number of animal recovery programs, including one for the Condor and another for the Island Fox. Your students will love learning about conservation and animal care at this amazing zoo!