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Kit Includes

  • Access to our entire Kit Materials Vault, with fun facts, multi-disciplinary project starts, worksheets, and a teaching manual
  • Reserved space on our Master Explorers page
  • America the Beautiful Annual Parks Pass
  • Ticket/reservation insurance and educational planning support

Travel Guide

Visiting America’s National Parks are a fantastic way to learn about the natural sciences! Your students will learn about ecology, biology, geology, botany, and so much more as they are fully immersed in a world of wonder and awe in our nation’s greatest assets!

Parking is usually free with entrance, though there are some areas and activities that might have an extra fee. Outside food is always allowed in, and encouraged! Take time for a picnic in the great outdoors to instill a love of the wild into your students!

Be sure to check out the Parks Department’s website for a full list of parks included in this pass. You’ll be surprised at how many there are, and even how many are close to you!