Fresno Chaffee Zoo Teacher Kit


Fresno, CA

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Kit Includes

  • Access to our entire Kit Materials Vault, with fun facts, multi-disciplinary project starts, worksheets, and a teaching manual
  • Reserved space on our Master Explorers page
  • Teacher Kit includes student and teacher entrance
  • Ticket/reservation insurance and educational planning support

Travel Guide

The Fresno Chaffee Zoo is a must see in the Central Valley! It is just beautiful and full of animals from all over the world. From elephants and tigers, to a petting zoo with goats and sheep, your students will love spending the day immersed in the natural environments at the zoo!

This zoo can definitely take an entire day, so plan accordingly. Outside food is allowed and there are picnic areas where you can eat. They also have some great eateries if you’d rather get food on-site. The zoo is located within Redding Park so you’ll need to bring a few dollars for parking. 

While you’re at the zoo, make sure you grab a map. There are a ton of little corners of the zoo that house some fantastic creatures! Also, you may want to bring some extra money so you can feed their giraffes. You just might be shocked to see that such a state of the art zoo exists in the Central Valley, and your students will want to come back over and over!